Wedding Guest Style By Venue

Wedding season is right around the corner! And depending on the wedding type and venue, you’re going to have to come up with a variety of looks. Check out some fabulous outfit idea you can put together at And because we offer a carefully curated collection of designers such as Benedetta Bruzziches, Joomi Lim, and Cres. E Dim., you can be sure that no one else will be wearing the same look as you.

wedding guest style

Beach Wedding

You obviously don’t want to deal with heels sinking into the sand when you are at a beach wedding. Go for a look that that is dressy, but carefree at the same time. A looser clothing pick is always great because you won’t want to have to deal with sweat spots or the heat depending on what time of day it is. Pin or tie your hair back in case there is a strong breeze since you will be outdoors. And in this situation, dressy flats are definitely O.K.

City Wedding

Sleek and chic is what you are aiming for here. We love going with slinky dresses, metallic dresses, or of course, a classic and timeless, black dress. If you want to forego a dress, a formal jumpsuit would definitely suffice since city weddings have a modern feel to them. Be sure that your makeup is on point, hair isn’t too high and that your accessories are fabulous. Think along the lines of a fierce Chanel clutch or some gorgeous chandelier earrings.

Black Tie Wedding

It’s such a treat to be able to go glamorous and formal. When else do you have an excuse slip into a floor length gown and can go all out and get your hair and makeup done by a professional? Because it’s not your wedding and you don’t want to outdo the bride, opt for dresses that are jewel-toned or on the darker side. And stay away from ball gowns since, again, it’s not your wedding. Finish off your look with shimmering bracelets or a statement necklace.

Garden Wedding

Why not tie in with the garden theme and go with a floral number? A midi dress or tea-length dress are our top picks for a garden wedding. If you want, you can even go with a pretty fascinator or hat. In case there is a chill in the air, drape a pretty cardigan across your shoulders so that nothing distracts you from the ceremony. Finish off your look by stepping into wedge sandals, ballet flats or kitten heels. You’ll feel like quite the lady.

City Hall Wedding

A plain sheath dress is a great look for a city hall wedding. It’s simple, classic and you won’t outshine the bride since you may not be sure what she is wearing. If you want to dress up your look a teensy bit, fix your hair into a sophisticated top knot and give yourself a bold red lip. Don’t wear your highest heels because you want to be comfortable since you don’t know how long you will be waiting around for the ceremony to start.

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