Top 5 Places to Visit in Raipur

Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh, is one of the fastest developing urban communities in Chhattisgarh. Generally touted as the “rice bowl of India,” Raipur is a developing city as far as its mechanical advancement and tourism is concerned. It is one of the places in Chhattisgarh where you can have an amazing holiday experience. Despite the fact that tourists were earlier unaware about the extent of touristy alternatives in the city, Raipur is picking up fame among outsiders and different local travelers as well. Let’s take a quick tour through its most noteworthy attractions.

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Raipur is well connected with the major parts of the country by rail, road, and air, all of them. So if you are coming from, say for instance, Bilaspur, then the ideal approach is to take a Bilaspur to Raipur train. On reaching Raipur, make sure you cover the following points of interest during your tour so as to make it one complete experience. Here are the most prominent destinations in Raipur–

  1. Vivekanand Sarovar

This is an age old lake in Raipur, maybe as old as the city itself. It is likewise called the Burha Lake which implies the ‘old lake’. It is additionally the biggest lake in the entire of Raipur. There is a 37 ft high statue of Swami Vivekananda sitting right in the lake, which has its place in the Limca Book of Records for being the highest model for a statue. Around 2.7 km away from the lake, there is an ashram devoted to Swami Vivekananda, which instructs about the belief systems of the Swami.

2. Champaran

Champaran has religious significance for being the originating place of the Saint Vallabhacharya, the reformer and author of the Vallabh Sect. Consistently in the month of Magh, a yearly festival is held in the town. On the eleventh auspicious day of Baisakh (April-May), birth commemoration of Saint Vallabhacharya is celebrated each year. The town is swarmed by devotees on the festival of the birth anniversary of Saint Vallabhacharya.

3. Doodhadhari Monastery

The monastery is situated in the southern part of Raipur and is devoted to Lord Rama. Built in seventeenth century by King Jait Singh, the monastery is a prominent fascination of the locale. It is situated at the banks of the Maharaj Bandh river. There is also a temple near this monastery. This place is named after Swami Balbhadra Das who used to have just doodh for food. If you go inside the monastery, you will find some wonderful wall murals that attract visitors regularly.

4. Barnawapara Sanctuary

Sprawling across a territory of 245 sq km, the sanctuary was built in 1976 under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. Levelled as well as hilly terrains with heights going from 265 to 400 meters frames the geography of the district. Tigers, panthers, pronghorns, hyenas, python, porcupine, buffalo, and numerous different species are found in the sanctuary.

5. Arang

Arang is an old city which is around 36 km from Raipur. The city is known for its antiquated sanctuaries among which the prominent ones are Bhandadeval Temple and Mahamaya Temple. Bhandadeval Temple is prominent for its design. The temple has three immense idols of Jain Tirthankars which are made of black stone.

So if you are doubtful about getting an IRCTC train reservation for Raipur, then don’t be, for this city is brimming with interesting insights and legends, as well as can be the ideal halt for a religious traveller.

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