Stylish Dressing

As a kid I never gave value to how I dressed. I am an extremely cerebral individual always staying on the psychological and psychological level. However, for many years I have actually discovered that how you dress has a great effect on the method you feel about yourself and the image you job of yourself.

While spice is the range of life, various colors give a kaleidoscopic view of life. Even though the true essence and nature of our being is untouched, it is the character that is impacted by our actions that we take toward ourselves and others. While the foods we take in affect us physically, the colors we surround ourselves with impact our moods. I had a pal who always wore white fits. There Is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It was just that she was extremely predictable in her dressing and in my opinion did not look interesting to look at. After a couple of years I saw her altering the way she dressed by gradually moving into colored gowns and accessorizing her attire with stunning costume jewelry. Later on as she began exploring her alternatives she shifted into gold and gemstone fashion jewelry. It was a satisfaction to see her face glowing with the reflection of the different colors of her dresses and her precious jewelry. There is a particular glow reflected in her face that makes her look gorgeous, fresh and passionate in spite of her sophisticated years. Her positive thinking and the care she takes of her body makes her existence brilliant and a joy to be around.

I have understood that being trendy includes being creative in keeping up with the style patterns of the times and the seasons, and investing our time, effort and money. It brings refinement and worth to your being and a way of revealing your originality. You can become really imaginative by researching fashion magazines and looking around for fashion clothing and accessories such as style shoes, style bags and fashion precious jewelries. Coordinating the color of your dress with various accessories such as your shoes, bags, fashion jewelry, scarves or belts is an art and requires great deal of planning ahead. Whether it is guys’s style or females’s style, with quality clothes and fine precious jewelry, you can still reveal your simple living and high thinking philosophy of life. It might look like we are spending excessive time on our body however it also reveals that we consider ourselves deserving sufficient to look after our body and decorate it. Basic living does not necessarily mean that we need to disregard our body. In fact according to Ayurveda various gemstones have an extremely positive effect on the different energy centers in the body. Lovely vibrant gemstones such as Amethyst, Rubies, Emeralds, Garnets, Sapphires, Diamonds and pearls embeded in 14K Gold earrings, pendants, rings and other fashion jewelry in various mixes and permutations provide a spectacular and stylish variety in its easy and special styles. With simple and beautiful Great fashion jewelry as accessories to your different styles of clothes you can surely brand yourself as sophisticated and elegant. Great fashion jewelry lasts in its quality and fashion for many ages and can be handed down from generation to generation. You can have a great collection of great fashion jewelry to equip your closet of spring, summer and fall designer clothing. Fashion patterns in designer clothing can alter with the seasons such as spring, summer, fall and winter season however since Great jewelry with terrific value, everlastingly stunning design and durability chooses any fashion design , long dresses for evening , it is a terrific financial investment as well. The method you believe and dress is a signature of your character.

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