How To Reduce The Appearance Of Aging With Facial Massage

Facial massage is an ancient technique used around the world, particularly by the Japanese, Chinese, and Indian cultures. The purpose of massage therapy for the face has always been to restore or maintain a youthful appearance, and to that end, women around the world have become aware of its benefits.

It has recently gained even more popularity with articles and news stories touting its benefits that can be found all over the internet. The New York Times has recently published two stories on the phenomenal anti-aging effects of massage of the face and neck, which include lymphatic drainage techniques and massage strokes. These techniques serve to soften fine lines and improve circulation.

The best results that can be achieved from facial massage involve frequent application of the techniques, ideally once a week by a professional therapist. Then, follow up treatments can be provided yourself in your home to augment and increase the effects of the professional sessions. Daily facial massage would be the most helpful, but as frequently as you can remember to do it will still be helpful, while having a professional massage therapist come to your home once a week. You will notice the results over time, as they can be dramatic.

There are many reasons why facial massage is so helpful, not the least of which are the scientifically proven massage therapy effects of draining and moving lymph, and increasing blood flow. When you bring blood to an area through massage, you are bringing life-giving nutrients as well as healing oxygenated blood, which then soaks the tissues you are massaging. The stimulation of lymphatic drainage then has the effect of carrying away impurities and inflammatory chemicals from the skin of the face. All of these effects, as well as other as yet undiscovered benefits of massage, can help the skin of your face look younger over time, or retain its youthful suppleness and appearance.

When you are thinking of having regular facial massage treatments, the massage therapists at Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy are trained in facial massage, and travel to your home or other location to provide this healing, anti-aging therapy.

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