Why you need a wedding album in 2016


You are planning an Amazing Wedding!  The flowers, the venue the food… everything will be perfect.  You and your guests will remember this wedding forever!

Everything is all set.  Your photographer shows up early for those “getting ready” shots.

Just as planned, your wedding day comes together beautifully.  You get back from a wonderful honeymoon and you can’t wait to get your pictures to see how they came out.  You will treasure these wedding photos!

The images come in the mail in a few weeks.  The thumb drive arrives.  You pop it in your computer and go through the 900+ images on your computer.  They look great!  You are so happy with your photographer!

A few days later some friends come over.  You are excited to share your wedding pictures!  You pop the thumb drive back in your computer.  900+ images later… your friends are fidgeting with boredom.

No matter how great your wedding photos are… It is painful for anyone to watch a 900-image slide show on your computer.

Save your friends!  Have a wedding album designed that will tell the story of the day.  It will capture all the most important moments and people and can easily be displayed on your coffee table in all of its splendor.  You won’t have to ask… your friends will pick up the beautiful leather wedding album and will start flipping through – admiring your wedding day all over again.

We recommend that you use a professional wedding album company like www.WeddingAlbumStudio.com.  This company will do all of the hard work for  you.  They will choose the best images for your album.  Then, they will create the a design for you in one of two design styles:  Classic or Modern.

The classic design style uses either white or black backgrounds and arranges your images in a more traditional style..

The modern design style uses images for backdrops.  This design style uses fades and effects to in a limited manor in order to guide the viewer through the day as they turn the pages of the album.

There are several types of albums available but the most popular are Genuine Leather and Acrylic.

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