A Look Back At The Nations Favourite Retro Sweets

There’s nothing more nostalgic than the sweets from our childhood, the smell of a fruit salad, the sourness of a brain licker and the endless sherbet sweets that kept us running around for hours on end. We’re taking a look back at some of the nation’s favourites, but what’s yours?

Flying Saucers

One of the nation’s favourite sweets is of course the flying saucer. These yummy sherbety treats have managed to out last lots of traditional sweets and can still be found on the aisles of popular supermarkets! Created in 1950 in Belgium, the flying saucer was named the UK’s most popular sweet of all time in 2004, a sweet truly standing the test of time!

Black Jacks and Fruit Salads

The ultimate chewy sweet and even better when they were just 2p from the local newsagents. The black jack with it’s distinctive liquorice taste and the sweeter pineapple and raspberry fruit salad were manufactured in the 1920’s in Spain. Now they can be given as great gifts inside personalised sweet tubes, giving people a real blast from the past!


Spangles were fruity boiled sweets once advertised as “The sweet way to go gay!”. Created in the 1950’s, these sweets were very popular as they only required one ration token, unlike other chocolate and sweets which required two! Spangles remained popular, so popular that The Kinks even mentioned the sweets in their 1981 song ‘Art Lover’. However, as popular as they were, Spangles were discontinued in the mid 80’s. Nearly thirty years later in 2014 they were voted as the UK’s most missed sweet. There may be no more Spangles but there’s still plenty of boiled sweets to whet your appetite!

Rhubarb and Custards

Rhubarb and custards are still one of the nation’s favourite hard boiled sweets, loved by grandparents and children alike, it doesn’t get much more traditional than a rhubarb and custard! Stock up on them here, to make sure you never run out of the sweet delight!

Candy Cigarettes

Or as they are now called, ‘Candy Sticks’. These little white candies were the centre of much controversy as they promoted smoking to young children. The candy cigarettes, in particular the packaging and branding, were banned in a number of countries, including America and Ireland. However, after some new repackaging they were back in circulation in the UK as Candy Sticks and a much loved treat for lots of children!

Fried Eggs

A classic. Truly loved by everyone, there is no way that this squishy, sweet, egg wouldn’t make it onto the list. Commonly seen in bags of Haribo and being the centre of recent shock, when a man suggested the fried eggs were in fact flying saucers!, that just can’t be right, can it? Either way, these sweets are certainly up there with the nation’s favourite and if you want to skip the other sweets and feast on purely fried eggs, grab them here!

And if you truly can’t decide which is your favourite, why not just get all the classic British sweets in one big hamper?! Go on, you know you want to!

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