How to Use the Clipping Path to Manipulate Images

Image manipulation is one of the primary reasons why people buy photo and graphic imaging software these days. Using the clipping path tool within these programs allows a person to outline a portion of an image that they wish to use in another image, and to then transfer that portion on to another spot to make a different, unique image. This is becoming one of the most popular skill sets that you will find for those who are involved in web development or a publication.

This technique really has two purposes. Not only does it allow you to manipulate an image by cutting out one portion and moving into another, but it also allows you to remove the background of an image as well. The portion of the image that is not outlined is made transparent while the remaining portion of the image remains. This allows the user to then place the manipulated image in a variety of locations.

How to Use the Clipping Path Tool

The clipping path will is actually quite easy to use. Some just feel intimidated because they’ve never used this kind of tool before, but it is a lot less complicated than you may think. It really just takes a little bit of practice at using the tool to get skilled at it.


Most of the software packages that include the clipping path tool come with a button in the toolbar that you used activated. You then move your mouse around the object that you wish to outline clicking at random points to set a marker. If you find that you have missed a spot, have included too much in your kind, or not enough, you can move the marker to adjust the setting so that you only get the portion of the image that you want. It really is that easy to use. For More The Today Talk

It takes a little bit of practice to get used to using this tool. What you will find is that early on you will probably get portions of an image that you really didn’t want or that you will cut out a portion that belonged within the image you want to keep. However, after a short practice, it’s easy to be able to get the portion of the image that you want to get great finished products.

Things You May Not Have Known You Can Do

For most people, they are fully aware that they can cut out a portion of an image or remove the background, but there’s actually a lot more that you can do with this that you may not have been aware of. The clipping path tool will not only make the rest of an image transparent but will allow you to change the background to a different color if you so desire. One thing that people really like to use it for is to get rid of redeye that is commonly found in pictures that people have taken.
It is these kinds of adjustments that make the software packages and enjoyable thing to use, and why so many feel it would be to their advantage to be able to use the clipping path tool.

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