How Does ClearActiv System Work?

Skin care and managing the state of your skin is a time consuming and expensive process. Not only does it require a massive amount of work and conditioning to get the job done, but it needs the right solutions and tools, also. With this, many people find that ClearActiv is one of the best solutions on the market for purification of the skin.

If you find that your skin lacks the kind of glow that it should have, you might find that this product can do all the work you need to change and improve that. ClearActiv is a very powerful solution, offering an easy way for you to give your body assistance in looking it’s very best. However, the ClearActiv system can be somewhat confusing and, as such, people do not understand its usage.

How do you go about using the ClearActiv solution as intended?

Using ClearActiv

First off, you have to know that ClearActiv by HEC International Philippines is more than just one product – it’s four. Inside each of the products provided are useful and effective treatments that can be used for several features and reasons. We’ll look further into those reasons to make sure you fully appreciate what you are using.

Healthy skin might only be noticeable on the outside, but it’s what goes on underneath the skin that creates that beautiful outer layer that we desire. This means getting through skin damage by using the right treatments at the source. Dirt build-up and debris can all get stuck underneath the skin in a manner that can become quite uncomfortable. Not only can this threaten your quality of life, but it can be the reason why your skin looks damaged, weak, and uncomfortable. If you feel that way, then ClearActiv is just what’s needed.

Research shows that a negative environment can create a negative response; meaning that you should do everything you can to change that. Your skin can be disrupted and damaged in a manner that is hard to correct, which creates breakouts, as well as dark spots, age spots, and wrinkles. If you want to avoid that, using ClearActiv is arguably one of the easiest methods out there that you can turn to for advice.

It helps to provide your skin with missing components and to restore a radiance that may have long since passed. With this, you can make your skin better toned and firmer than ever before.

How to Use ClearActiv

To use this tool, you need to turn to and appreciate how it all works. If you use this package, then you are likely to enjoy using:

  • Deep cleansing techniques that go an extra mile to improving skin comfort. This treats and then improves the quality of your skin by lifting up all of those extras that can get stuck under there and lead to the creation of dirty, damaged-looking skin.
  • Nutrients are also delivered in a manner that is going to make a big difference to how you feel and look. It works to help revive your complexion and to get rid of the majority of the damage that has been limiting you from looking your best. This is a hard change to make and one that needs you to put in the commitment and effort outside of using this serum.
  • Also, you are providing your skin with a patent-pending solution that is made to help protect your skin against the damage and decay that swims around us in the environment, making the protection long-term.

The Four Steps to Success

  • Step One requires you to start using the Facial Cleanser that is provided. Once this has been implemented and used on your skin, you should notice a major change in how your skin feels. It helps to remove old residue and unwanted mess that becomes leftover on your skin as time goes on. With this, you can get rid of dead cells, remove excess oil from the layer and give yourself a soap-free solution to getting as clean as possible. It’s free of SLS or toxic detergents that can make your skin feel extra irritable.


  • Step Two revolves around making use of the provided Treatment Serum. With major antioxidants loaded throughout such as Vitamin C, bioflavonoids and resveratrol, you can start to give your skin a kick-start that it was in need of. This helps to prevent further damage thanks to environmental agents that hang around us and can make sure that we drastically reduce the count of free radicals that enter your system as time goes on. As far as making sure that we stay safe and sound goes, this is one of the easiest ways to do just that with this serum.
  • Step Three needs you to get busy with the Protecting Moisturizer This helps to add a much-needed level of colorization to your skin again. If you feel like you are looking discoloured and weak in comparison to your normal complexion, this does everything that you need to revive those fortunes with ease. It works to give antioxidants in spades to your system while helping you to slowdown the premature aging process that can become so frustrating. It helps to support a more elastic nature to your skin while also softening wrinkles and improving your general skin condition in time.
  • Step Four, the final step, needs you to start using the Zap It serum provided. This is a fast-acting spot treatment facility that works wonders on giving your skin a clear and able complexion that looks wonderful. Wherever you may feel that it’s necessary, you can turn to this and enjoy a much more natural way of combating this problem. By using salicylic acids, this works wonders on being a strong anti-inflammatory option for you, as well. It can also help to reduce sunburn damage and manage impurities in your skin.

Overall, ClearActiv solution can be one of the most effective beauty products in the Philippines. It’s designed to offer a simple and steady option for strong and natural improvement without going too far.



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