Festival is the fun time with family

The sense of belonging that your feel for your brother is something inexplicable, and you can actually do anything or go to any extent to have those moments back with your brother. That’s why returning home on festivals is always of prime importance to you. Any type of festival is enjoyed only in presence of near and dear ones and therefore, he coming is one of the most significant agenda that is formulated at the beginning of the year itself. When talking of our country, India, we cannot mark out the most important festival because each and every festival is important for us. So, one can manage to visit on Diwali and Bhaidooj with gifts and give a miss to Dusshera.

 Festival is the fun time with family

There are certain things that are always kept in mind before finalizing the trip, like which friends, relatives are coming on the same festival. The fun element is added only with the presence of our near and dear ones. Among our social festivals, marriages are the most important ones that has to be attended by the whole clan and no excuses are generally granted for not attending the same event. Marriages are once in a lifetime event and therefore holds much vitality in terms of everything. The décor, food, and gifts all has to be really grand so that even 20 years down the line, the event remains bright in everyone’s mind. While talking of our social events or festivals, anniversaries comes next to it in importance. If the anniversary is a 10 year, 25 year, or a 30 years or beyond, then the event is no less than a marriage event. Some families even make this anniversary funnier by dressing the husband and wife in their wedding costumes and making them renewing their vows once again in front of their daughters, sons, and grandchildren.

Apart from the social ones, we also have some big religious festivals for which our whole family comes under the same roof again. The midnight tea on the terrace, non-stop chatting sessions in the balcony, boozing in the prohibited part of the backyard, are some of the memories that come alive and afresh in our mind. There are festivals like Holi, Diwali, Dusshera, Eid, Bhai Dooj, etc. that requires full attendance of family. Because a sister awaits for bhaidooj gifts from a brother on Bhaidooj, the courtyard expects a diya to be lit by the NRI son of the home, and the rest of the family members expects to have full meal with their daughter settled in Mumbai. We return not only due to the calendar date of certain festival but also because of the following: the home atmosphere, the feeling to get up on our childhood bed, the smell of the local tea stall, the cool breeze under the banyan tree, and the sheet of love that remains in our home land.

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