Cycle Right with a Jersey

Traditional clothing versus jerseys has been a hot topic among cyclists the last few years, but there are several benefits associated with cycling gear that makes it a great choice for hobbyists. Such arguments over proper wardrobe are not particularly new and people will likely continue to argue over the merits of each in the future. That said, there are quite a few real advantages to wearing professional gear and they far outweigh the choice to wear traditional clothing when you get on your bicycle.


Unless you get on your bike to ride half a kilometre down the road, you are likely to work up a layer of sweat while you ride. If you choose to bike while wearing traditional clothing, you are guaranteed not only to sweat more, but it will also stick to your skin and cause issues. Sweat that accumulates around your body can cause chafing, irritate the skin, and even invite fungus to grow on your skin. Synthetic materials such as polyester, a common material used to make t-shirts, do not breathe properly, leaving you wet and uncomfortable by the time you finish your ride.

Cycling jerseys, on the other hand, are made with special materials and woven in a specific way to move sweat away from the body to be evaporated into the air. Though polyester is a material that is typically used in this type of gear, it is designed in such a way that it helps pull the moisture away rather than trapping it against your skin. Your trip will end up being more comfortable while removing some of the frustrating issues associated with traditional clothing.


When you get on your bike, you should not be forced to carry a heavy backpack wherever you go just to hold all of your various items. Jerseys have special pockets on the side and back, allowing you to hold nearly anything you need such as your wallet, a bottle of water, gum, and any other medium-sized object you may need. If you choose traditional options, you are forced to get imaginative to keep all of your belongings safe and within reach, and jeans pockets are not designed to work well when in motion.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Although this is more a bonus than anything else, professional jerseys simply look better than sweaty t-shirts stuck to your skin. Wherever you choose to get your exercise in, a professional jersey will fit your body well, allow you to appear more serious, and tell others that you care about your cycling habit. Although looks are surely not everything, you might as well look your best when you choose to cycle every day, and the functional advantages make the aesthetic appeal all the more inviting.

Keep Yourself Covered

T-shirts were not created with cycling in mind and they tend to flare up and show off things you would rather keep hidden if caught by the wind. Jerseys are specifically designed for cyclists, making it easy to keep yourself covered and comfortable during your ride. Cycling is a hobby that is great for your mind and body and the right gear will not only help achieve more effective results but also help you look your best.

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