7 Amazing Cakes for a Birthday Treat

A birthday party without cake is incomplete. One can make delicious birthday cakes at home or can easily order birthday cakes online. There are too many varieties to choose from. From flavours to toppings, everything comes in a unique way and one cannot ignore, but fall in love with these birthday cakes.


Mexican Devil’s Food Cake: This cake is a delicious combination of rich dark chocolates and butter which makes your taste buds falls insanely in love with this recipe. There are strawberries and slivered almonds, which are slightly roasted to do the toppings and add on a crunchy flavour in contrast to the soft base of the cake. This moist chocolate cake is also gorgeous to look at and fits in perfectly for a birthday party.


Moist Yellow Butter Cake: This one is a sour cream vanilla buttered cake, which has more than one layer. The layers of the cake are filled with chocolate chips, bananas and vanilla whipped cream. This one mostly has three layers, all full of butter to give it a white monochromatic look. A perfect, elegant cake for your birthday!

Coffee Almond Crunch Ice Cream Cake: This is the most favoured birthday cake for those who love chocolates and coffee flavoured things. This rich ice cream cake is full of chocolate layers, topped with crunchy toffee bits and roasted almonds. The texture of this cake is sticky and creamy and also has a moist chocolate layer on the top of it. The delicious chocolate treat on a birthday!


Chocolate Icebox Cakes with Blackberries: The ricotta and cream cheese are the main ingredients that cover up this cake. This easy recipe cake is made of chocolate wafers, fresh diced cut blackberries and blackberry liquors. This is also decorated with laced mascarpone cream on the top of it. The berry delights on a birthday party.

Christmas Coconut Cake: Though the name of the cake has Christmas in it, it is not necessary that this cake should be eaten during this winter festival only.  This coconut filled cake has confetti, which looks and symbolizes party! So, it can well be a part of a birthday party. This three layered cake can make one a coconut fan for life.

Chocolate peanut Butter Cake: Chocolate and peanut butter is a deadly combination which makes one crave more for this delicious cake. This cake is full of bitter sweet chocolates, cocoa and sour cream, which make this cake rich and moist. The creamy peanut butter is added with sugar, vanilla and touch of salt.


Vanilla Salted Caramel Ice cream Cake: Salt and caramel are a unique pairing which one loves to have. This is a rich vanilla cake with layers of salted caramel ice cream and there is a cushion topping of whipped cream, which makes this cake delicious to taste. One can also add a bit of caramel sauce on the top of the cake to make it tastier.

If one orders cake online from websites, they provide the facility of cake delivery at your doorstep so preventing any hassles of going to market and searching for it. Take your pick!

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