3 Classic Metal Record Companies You Should Check Out

This article is merely a fast intro to some great labels for getting into new bands through previous releases. Over the years, I’ve researched countless groups and labels, helping me locate a lot of amazing music. Through this research, I have really been able to complete a long introductory list of labels that were great for people that are new to different metal genres. This informative article will contain only a rapid list for you before you really delve into use.

Here are the 3 wonderful metal record labels you should check out first:

Metal Blade

This label covers several decades and has a wide selection of different metal music genres. Here you’ll find some well-known groups such as Amon Amarth, Behemoth, Pentagram, Merciful Fate or even highly commercialized bands like Six Feet Under.

No Way

Beginning as an underground label for many black metal acts that would go on to become well-known, No Manner is an excellent spot to look if you’re looking to get into black/death metal or simply classic “extreme” acts you haven’t got to yet. Some great groups contain Notes, Dark Funeral, Ablaze My Sorrow and Dissection. You will even find Katatonia’s first album from 1993 released by the corporation. This label is a particularly great place to locate some lesser known Swedish melodic black/death metal groups which have been passed over. One of which contains Vinterland, a one release band, who put out a terrific debut.

Overall, this record label is quite little in total variety of groups/albums released, but is a cool place to find some melodic “extreme” bands with a mid 90’s Swedish sound to many of them.


SteamHammer, last is a truly great label that has put out many great bands of varied music genres. You might have heard of them after viewing the label on the CD cover and listening to some of the newer material of Type O Negative. Other great bands you need to have a look at on this label include Sodom, Freedom Call, Iron Angel and Prong.

Now that you understand some great labels, dive in and enjoy! There are innumerable awesome groups out there and you will just locate them through hands-on research.

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